Season :  March to September 

Fly fishing at Leliekloof is really a unique experience ! The water in the Aquarium dam is crystalline and ice cold – creating an ideal environment for very lively and some huge trout !

We have been rated by many of our clients as one of South Africa’s prime destinations for trout on fly.

If you are a bird watcher as well - the two dams have a wide variety of resident birds, as well as a pair of African Fish Eagles !

We have a strict 'closed barb, catch and release' policy, to conserve the beauties for other fly-fishermen !


Season :  March/April  to October

Aquarium has a surface area of about 4 hectare and is 7 meters deep when full, and it features a lot of structure in the form of kranses and submerged rocks.

The heavy rains of 2011 caused extensive flooding and a lot of trout were lost, but since then we restocked aggressively and fishing is up to scratch again !  Some records were established during May, June and July !

As you can see from our newest photos in the Fly-fishing gallery - there are good trout to be caught !


Kloof dam has a surface area of 12 hectares when full and is 5 meters deep at the wall. Kloof Dam has been extensively stocked with bass and is available for fishing all year round.  If you are lucky you will even hook a trout as well !!


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