"Tot eer van God!"

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Leliekloof  (or Delila as it is also known)  is situated in a magnificent valley in the Skulpspruit environs, due west from Jamestown on the Stormberg Plateau, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.  Leliekloof is about 80 km south of Aliwal North.

Should you decide to come and visit us for a rock art excursion, fly fishing, walking, bird watching, cycling, rock climbing to experience everyday farming activities, or just a get-away from everything, this is the place to visit.  We reccommend that you spend at least 2 days.  The landscape is a stunning high altitude wilderness, where the river has chiselled a totuous gorge through the sandstone and dolorite hills.

Just remember - at an altitude of 1800 meters it can get very cold  - even in summer.   Sometimes you can experience all four seasons in one day !   Always bring along warm clothes.   To ward off the cold, we have a large Alpine fireplace in the lounge with plenty of wood - poplar wood - so we get rid of the aliens as well!


~ Memories from Country Life Magazine ~